APEAM, Avocado Producer and Exporting Packers Association of Mexico, is dedicated to adopting rigorous world-class industry standards to ensure the production of avocados with unsurpassed taste, food safety, and quality. Producers are continuously developing good farming practice programs in their orchards by participating in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to avoid potential fruit contamination. To preserve the superior quality of our product, packers are enrolled in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) programs, which have yielded ample acceptance into various markets throughout the world.

Additionally, The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries, and Food (SAGARPA) has started a program to allow avocado growers to certify in Systems Contamination Risk Reduction, Training Good Handling, and Use of Agrochemicals, in order to support their efforts to export smoothly. The National Service of Health, Food Safety and Food Quality (SENASICA) reported that this new certification helps to ensure the country of destination that the Mexican avocado export meets all the necessary safety requirements for trading.

Avocado producers in Mexico have diligently followed a meticulous phytosanitary control program to comply with general and specific international agreements made with countries that purchase farm and livestock products from Mexico. This has given our producers a place in the international market without agricultural threats to buyer countries.