Avocados Are Rising. Foodservice is Driving

Avocados from Mexico account for the largest share of avocados entering the U.S. foodservice market.

Avocados From Mexico represented
265 million pounds in 2014 or 63 percent
of total market.

Salads & Handheld are Top Users for Avocados from Mexico

The market for fresh avocados continues to grow in the U.S.

Between 2014 and 2019,
the market (fresh avocados
in U.S. foodservice) Is expected
to grow 8.1 percent annually
in poundage, driven by
expanded usage in foodservice.

More than half (61 percent) of small chain/ Independent casual dining and fine dining operators indicate they are purchasing higher volume of fresh avocados than they were two year ago.

Across all resturant menus, the majority
(78 percent) of menu applications feature
avocados as an ingredient.

Avocados from Mexico:
It’s About Quality & Performance.

Quality and performance attributes. Price is leading selection factors among casual dining and fast casual restaurants.

  • Consistency

  • Texture quality

  • Level of ripeness

  • Firmness quality

  • Color quality

  • Year round availability

  • Availability through current distributors

  • Price

  • Size of avocado

  • Supplier reputation

Avocado From Mexico:
Top Ingredient for Salads and Sandwiches

The most popular uses of fresh Avocados From Mexico
among casual dining restaurants nationwide include:

Source:Technomic Avocado Assessment and Casual Dining/Fast Casual Insights Report, 2014